Creativity is all around us. It is in God’s creations, on the canvas the painter is painting on, on the paper the interior designer is sketching out their client’s home on, the face the makeup artist is perfecting…depending on how we view the world, everything is creativity, EVERYTHING IS ART.

With that said, 2015 has been a little different for me. I have been starting to view things differently. Everything has been a blessing. I have been working hard for what I have already in my short life so far here on Earth, and I am working on not taking any of it for granted. Which means I am OPENING my eyes. In doing so, I would like to use this blog to catalog different things, whether it was something I crafted, created, saw, drew, tried and succeeded, tried and failed, or I just feel like writing something down…this is my creativity…this is my art form.


Knocking down my PiLeS

On my latest blog, PiLe It HiGh To ThE sKy, I had mentioned about how much craft stuff I seemed to have in different piles through out my home.

Well, that changed last night and will forever be changed thanks to my husband and I watching “Hoarders”. Talk about an eye-opening experience! Those people have “crap” everywhere! (I put crap in quotes because to them, it isn’t crap it is their treasures). What really got me (even though he was kidding, because my home isn’t as bad as I make it sound) is when my husband was talking about a segment that I missed; there was a lady who had a whole “crap-load” of things that she had that she was going to use it to make something else or to turn it into something (which is what I have been crazy about ever since watching Picker Sisters), which is when he then looked at me and then looked around the living room and back at me with this biggest up-to-no-good grin on his face. He then said, just kidding, your (yes he said your, because we both know that some of those are HIS not just MINE) messes aren’t that bad.

So needless to say, I felt like cleaning after watching that show, and needless to say, already there are no longer that many piles in my house. But in my defense….it wasn’t just “crap” that I have kept, it is actually stuff that can be used for something, including the scraps of fabric left over from different craft projects, they even have their own special jar. (Okay that did sound a little um, ya won’t even go there)!

So all those nicely organized craft rooms/areas that are all over Pinterest, that is my goal, no matter how long it may take me or my piles to make it happen! (Thank you Pinterest for all of your wonderful ideas, that usually don’t get put to use, but I will try this time, try try and try!) 

PiLe It HiGh To ThE sKy

As a creative person, I have found that I have many “creative” piles throughout my home. Is this normal? Am I the only crafty/creative person that seems to have stuff all over? A bit of fabric here, the bones of a project there, not to mention a disassembled foot stool that is suppose to be re-upholstered and the legs sprayed. My poor husband must think that it will never go away!

Every night I go home and think that I will do one of my crafts, but you guessed it, they dont’ get done!

Maybe I should move them all to one pile, pile that sucker up to the sky! I would love to say that not only am I creative, but also organized. But it seems my organization is only at work, my home life tends to be crazy. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me that I am not the only one out there like this!

I would love to blame some of this mess on Pinterest, since because since I have first found it, I have been addicted to it and finding all kinds of amazing crafts to do and it have made me start thinking even more about different things that I could do. My mind spins every time I log on, you would think that eventually I would stop right? WRONG!

Like for instance, I saw this pin about how someone put their laundry detergant in a glass jar, and it looked decorative. I decided that probably wouldn’t look very good in my home, since I try to hide my laundry room, thank you very much my dearest kitty (NOT). But it made me start thinking about other storage ideas for inside my home. We have been putting the dog food in a big plastic storage bin (to help keep out any moisture or bugs) but honestly, I would love to have my storage bin back and have something that totally looks better to store my babe’s food in, which brought me to my current project that I have started and not finished, yet.

Goodwill rocks for different craft projects, by the way, just make sure that you clean whatever you get, you can’t be too careful. I found a Christmas tin, I believe it was the kind that has like three different kinds of popcorn in it.

Similar to what I found at Goodwill.

(We have a small to medium sized dog, so it would work for us, we don’t get super huge bags of food any ways, now if we had a large dog, this probably wouldn’t work as well.) I will definitely be taking pictures of what it looks like now and when I get it finished, it isn’t even done and I am already proud of it! So you saw the tin right? I would cover that in a heart beat! (If it had penguins on it, no way would I touch it LOL). In my next post, I will show you what it looks like now.

Back to what I was talking about, see this is what happens, I get off track and that is why there are piles!! GRRR….maybe tonight I should put together my piles into the baskets/crates that I have for them…maybe…

Eventually I will have a bigger home and will be able to have my ideal craft room/office…eventually, insert sigh.

From Old to New

It’s been so long since I have signed on, that I found this draft on my dashboard, last dated September 1st, opps!

There is a new show that I have become addicted to, Picker Sisters. If you watch just one, you will probably become addicted to it as well. Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen (you know them from Extreme Makeover Home Edition) bring you on their journey to find “junk” and turn it into wonderful treasures for your home. They crisscross America in search of rare relics and materials to create stunning pieces for their LA home decor pop-up shop. If I lived in LA, I would definitely be broke because I would always be in their shop!

There was an episode that really struck me and had me thinking far after the episode was over: Episode 6: Pickin’ For Peanuts. They went to an old hospital that was revamped to have different business inside of the originally hospital shell. OMG that is such a great idea! I can stop thinking about it and wondering if there are buildings around me that this could happen to. Imagine the history saved and money too. (Although, I do understand that there would have to be money spent to remodel/revamp the different areas of the building accordingly, but it can’t be nearly as much as starting over from scratch after tearing the previous building down or building on an empty lot.)

Then I started thinking about multiple projects that I could do on a smaller scale. Let me tell ya the creative juices started following and I am keeping an eye out for anything that I can “revamp”.

Now that it is November 4th, after reading this “draft” over again before finally posting it, I remember passing an abandoned senior living/hotel in downtown Bradenton. Now this building definitely needs A LOT of work, but wouldn’t it be cool to see it put to use instead of just sitting there wasting space? I could easily see different companies in there, maybe have some apartments/penthouses at the top…but like most things, it would cost money…but it got me thinking!

Doors: the Threshold to Anything Possible

Have you ever noticed the amount of different doors there are? Silly question, yes I know, but seriously! There are so many different styles, sizes, shapes, colors and on and on! Part of me just wants to have pictures of doors all over our apartment, but I have a feeling that my husband might seriously think I have lost it. So instead, I am going to do it here!

I will find myself being on vacation, taking pictures of doors. Going back through the camera, my husband used to question me about it all the time, but after a while he caught on that I think a door is a form of art. There will be pictures of close-ups on details, half a door or the whole thing, at a slant or straight up and down. I like to think that I can be creative with a camera, but sometimes it just doesn’t turn out but then sometimes it does and WOW!

A door can tell you about the person or people on the other side of it. It can tell you history and design. It could lead you into something ordinary or something extraordinary.

And it isn’t just the door, it is the details that make the door that are so awesome too! The door knockers, hinges, mailbox slots, latches, knobs, keyholes and the dents and dings. (I told you, I can find art in almost everything!)



This is only a few pictures that I have found that I really like (I did not take these pictures, so I am definitely not trying to claim them as my own). I will be doing another blog with pictures of doors that were taken on our vacations, including Italy! It is cool to see different doors from state to state, but it is even more amazing to see the different doors in different countries! I can’t wait to share them with you!

Until then, look around you, you could be surprised by what you find!

My FIRST blog!

Hello to the blog world! I am super excited to finally start my own blog, I have been back and forth about starting my own blog, and I have decided now is the time to do it! This blog will be my outlet for anything creative. Whether it be art, design, cooking, crafting, photography or writing and many other things; I want to talk about it! (And who am I kidding, it will be a great stress reliever for me too!)
I feel like I was born creative and artistic, I want to put that to use. I always had my own way of doing things, and until I was in college, I didn’t understand that it was because I was creative and unique, that it has made me who I am.
I believe that if there is something to be said about anything, than it should be said no matter what, when, where or how. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I understand that what I may think is beautiful, someone else may be thinking what was that person thinking when that was created?
I am super excited to share with the world things I have come across in my travels and in “my world”.
This is my world as I know it, I would like to share it with all of you. I have so much in my head that I can’t wait to put into words!
Please check back again as I will be writing more and more!
Always let your creativity flow! lmc (littlemrscreative)
“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no farther than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no on has ever been before.” ~Albert Einstein~